Sunday, 5 April 2009

Kayuhan Malam MR MoBiC Melaka Town

Nite ride at Melaka Town

Suitable for all new comers or beginners.
The trail starts from Hang Tuah Mall Heading to Taman Rempah, ride through the Board Walk of Sungai Melaka. A nice view of Kampong Morten, Clock Tower at Dewan Hang Tuah, Kampong Jawa, Maritime Museum, Jalan Kota, Dataran Pahlawan towards the Portugese Settlement.
Then we headed back to Hang Tuah Mall via the same route.

Kampong Morten
Dewan Hang Tuah Clock Tower
Kampong Jawa
Behind the Maritime Museum Bandar Hilir
Melaka Sultanate Museum
River Cruise Station Taman Rempah
the new comers enjoyed the ride & beautiful scene along the route.
we are planning to ride again on the 14th April 2009 at the same route a nite before the
Melaka Historical City Day 15th April 2009.


Ben said...

Nice photos and well taken with clear view of the back ground.

Anonymous said...

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