Friday, 28 December 2007


2nd Penapisan Challenge was succesfully held on 15th December. It was a very fine Saturday where other places like east coast and Johor still in flooded. The weather is great, the sea is calm and the mood is high.
The challenge was participants in team of four had to cycling for 20km, kayaking for 1km and running 7km.

Committee hard work really paid of after all the event completed and as I see everybody were happy including the "accident" girl. Special thanks to Mr Omau, the Mastermind of the event.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

MR MoBiC at Penang Mountain Bike Jamboree

Once again MR MoBiC came back to Penang, and this year the crowd is getting bigger. Made to understand that list of participants had reached 700 MTBikers.
22 MR MoBiC member and 2 from PG Gerek had a wonderful "vacation" with the event moto for this year "Beyond the Limits" is truely describes the grueling routes.

In Cycle Hunt event, Group no 24 and 25 become 2nd and third place and MR MoBiC very proud b'coz the MC had to announced twice and everybody in MTB Community that night can remembered.

Congrats to all participants, you all are truly fit and smart... I'm sure most of the ladies out there will want you... hahaha

Stay Cool guys, next year will be more cooler than ever... definitely will come again.