Monday, 21 December 2009

MR MoBiC in Burung Hantu Ride 2009

These are the Pictures of MR MoBiC in the Burung Hantu Ride,
most of MR MoBiC members are giving some helping hands for this event
(hehehehe..kununnye laa),
thus MR MoBiC were represented by new rookies (may I say it..sorry gang)
lead by MR MoBiC Vice President En Jaffridin
together with his team "Mastana"
(Chief MR MoBiC giler Kuasa..hahahahaaa...)

Jeff & Zamri

Din & NadiaSabaruddin & Syahman

Congratulations ALL..!!!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

MR MoBiC Updates

Past 4 month there are not much activities for the club..
Petronas 1st MtB Jamboree preparations..
Alhamdulillah...the jamboree went very well
Good responses & feed backs from participants..
We'll try to organize it annually..insya'allah with the support & trust given.

MR MoBiC are planning to have the Breakfast Ride again,
initiall plan is to go to Pulau Besar,
But it will take until afternoon before reaching back home..
for regulars no problem but after taking consideration for the childrens & spouses joining the ride..
the plan had to be turned down..

So we will have the Breakfast Ride 100% off road trail around Bertam Ulu area. Suitable for Childrens & spouses..the trail will be mostly shaded by rubber & palm oil trees..

Date for breakfast ride will confirm later.

Nite Ride..
OK now I'm back, so can have the nite ride again.

Stay Healthy Respect & Preserve Nature

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Malaysia 1st Ever Nite MtB Jamboree "Burung Hantu Ride"

Salam & Good day mtbikers,
Those interested pls. do register for this 1st ever in Malaysia
Nite Mountain Bike Jamboree
"The Burung Hantu Ride"
before 15th Sept 2009 for the Registration Fee of $50,
after 15th Sept 2009 the Registration Fee will be $60.
Wait no longer..hurry be part of the history & excitement.
The Registration Form

The Trail Map

The Trail Profile

Come Join the Excitement
Be Part Of The History

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tour Of Duty - Quang Ngai City Vietnam Bicycle Shop

Just want to share
Actually Quang Ngai City is a small city.

No Merida, No Specialized, No nothing..uhuk..uhuk...
But maybe in big cities like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi & Da Nang there are shops selling a branded MtB
I guess.
Think these bicycles are from China.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

M2BH Hash Ride & Announcement.

Venue: Durian Tunggal Lake
Head towards Durian Tunggal town and after you pass underneath the overhead highway flyover, turn left and head towards Macap Umboo/Macap Baru.
Look out for M2BH signs along the way.
Ride start just before the lake on the left.
Why you must not miss this ride? Beautiful scenery of the lake as you ride along it. Plus the exciting announcement below.

Time: 8.15 am Briefing and announcement
8.30 am Ride off.

Hares: Red Bull and Cedric

Now, for the announcement what you have been waiting for.

M2BH has been in the mountain biking scene in Malacca since 1998 and was the sole provider of thrills and spills of mountain bike hash ride.

Through the years it has provided many bikers the opportunity to explore the outskirts of Malacca through its monthly hash rides. Many new friendship has been forged through the years and as the number of mountain bikers grew, so did the cycling scene changed with numerous cycling clubs emerging.

M2BH would like to show it's appreciation to the loyal members with this wonderful offer.
Renew your 2009 membership of RM50.00 this weekend and the club will sponsor this year's Kayuh Lasak registration and 1 night stay worth RM150.00!!

This offer is also offered to new members. Just get yourself registered as members of M2BH this weekend and you will also enjoy the benefits.
A 1 time registration of RM50.00 and 2009 membership dues of RM50.00. Total payment for new members, RM100.00 and you get RM150.00 back when you go for the event of the year, Penang's Kayuh Lasak.

Just like a credit card promotion "Membership Has It's Perks!"

See you this Sunday!

On! On!

Monday, 3 August 2009


Thank You again to all participants.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009



Salam & Good day,
Dear All,

I would like to relay my sincere appreciation to PPMSB Management, HSES, MR MoBiC PPMJ 09 Committee & all participants for the success of the 1st MtB Jamboree for PETRONAS community.

Being the 1st MtB Jamboree organized, for sure there were many shortcomings and things overlooked, on behalf of the organizers, committees & MR MoBiC members I seek for your forgiveness. We will try to improved next time.

A week earlier, together with the marshalls we went through the trail, as M Azhar (Sulong) the lead marshall wanted me to finalized & approved the jamboree trail, I went into the trail twice (during my home passage week), personally for me it is a good trail (not too technical) and I hope you all enjoyed the trail, as mentioned during the dinner & ride briefing a mtb jamboree is a gathering and it is not a RACE.

We do hope that all of you will come again to Melaka to participate in our next event.
Thank you for your support,
please do promote a healthy lifestyle to others.
* pictures of the mtb jamboree ride will be published soon.

PPMJ 2009 Preparations

Going Back for my one week Home passage
& Meeting for PPMJ09 (Da Nang Airport)

PPMJ09 meeting - Appoint Malau as Ride Sweeper.

Lead Marshall M Azhar (Sulong)

Chaired the Meeting at Hang Tuah Meeting room

Trail Clearance with Sulong

Mine & Ajis Bike - send Ajis back to his family

Kanak-kanak riang

Water Stop 1

Sweeper's Bike

Total distance.

Stay Healthy, Respect & Preserve Nature.