Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Cheng Ria - Belimbing Dalam Revisited

This is second round MoBiC rides the trail, was wonderful event. This time photos captured were more and great. Riders involved - Omar, Kamal, Wahid, Zamri, Kimi, Aziz and gua...

Starting point Tmn Cheng Ria. Prepare the bicycle. Zamri can't wait any longer. Omar was his first ride with MoBiC.

Stay calm to handle the situation.... hehehe

First few kilometers, side of Malim river. Nice trek, will end at pintu air Durian Tunggal. After that tar road to Belimbing Pantai.

Nice skill demonstrate by Aziz

Water left and right, flooded area after heavy rain

The return of "OTAI"

Favourite session, Teh Tarik

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Cheng Ria - Belimbing Dalam

14/4/2007, 32km almost flat.

Rides started at Taman Cheng Ria then cross the road and follow the side of Malim river untill Taman Angkasa Nuri, then to the airport. Just before airport turn left to jalan kampung and amazingly this road will end up at Belimbing Pantai. But this ride only take us to stall to eat roti canai, at klinik desa Belimbing Dalam. I like this route very much from the first time coz i can see water along the way and makes me cool.
The most water is at Empangan PAM Durian Tunggal, where there is a lake from this retention of water. The route mostly straight and very good for heavyweight riders.

leisure ride....

After pedalling about 15km, we charged back our energy with favourite roti canai and teh tarik..... whoa best part of each ride. Thats why friend is more like tong drum!! hahaha jangan marah ha nanti cepat tua.... walau pon sebenarnya memang dah....

Bukan sebarang tong ooo, tengok body lo... tough tu. They are very maskulin, and strong....

Rahsianya roticanai tehtarik satu.....

tarikh tu dah tertukar sebab bateri dah week la....

where its start

This blog is dedicated to mountain bikers and friends for the great friendship behold, thus making our life wonderful. Melaka Refinery Mountain Bike Club a.k.a MR MoBiC, has been evolved for 5 years and since then almost all kampung and estate has been explored.
From now on this blog will report all the rides organized.

MoBiC with M2BH at Ayer Molek. Date: 8 April 2007.
30km ride through kampung and kelapa sawit, mainly flat with minor uphill. Group show up almost 20 plus. Nice weather, nice scene, nice bikers and orang kampung.