Thursday, 1 October 2009

MR MoBiC Updates

Past 4 month there are not much activities for the club..
Petronas 1st MtB Jamboree preparations..
Alhamdulillah...the jamboree went very well
Good responses & feed backs from participants..
We'll try to organize it annually..insya'allah with the support & trust given.

MR MoBiC are planning to have the Breakfast Ride again,
initiall plan is to go to Pulau Besar,
But it will take until afternoon before reaching back home..
for regulars no problem but after taking consideration for the childrens & spouses joining the ride..
the plan had to be turned down..

So we will have the Breakfast Ride 100% off road trail around Bertam Ulu area. Suitable for Childrens & spouses..the trail will be mostly shaded by rubber & palm oil trees..

Date for breakfast ride will confirm later.

Nite Ride..
OK now I'm back, so can have the nite ride again.

Stay Healthy Respect & Preserve Nature