Wednesday, 27 June 2007

MR MoBiC - Hare for M2BH bike Hash

It was rainning early in the morning, one by one members & guest turn up.
Setting up thier bikes & warming up.
M2Bh Bike master, give a special thanks to guest and members, and a small prize giving ceremony(to those who finishes top ten in the previous Penang Kayuh Lasak MtB Jamboree) was held just before bike hash ride briefing by the hare.

The ride
The ride covers the distance of 25km only, through kampongs road, rubber, palm oil, small portion of dragon fruit & pineapple farm.
The terrain is not too technical but due to the rain earlier it turn to be one, thus giving us(the hares) thumbs up from M2BH members & guests.

M2BH members & Guest

Narrow wooden bridge @ Kampong Rembia

Taukeh Sin Bee Hin

Bananas & H2O...
Hare with white helmet..ehemm...

the big climb after H2O stop.

M2BH - mud,sweat & gears

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

HSE Awareness Team & MR MoBiC Cycle Hunt 2007

HSE Awareness Team and MR MoBiC has succesfully organized a cycle hunt event in conjunction with World No Tobacco Day and World Environment Day in 1st June 2007

30 participants had joined and it was a really fun event.