Friday, 20 February 2009

MR MoBiC East Coast Trip 2009

Assalamualaikum & Good Day,
On behalf of MR MoBiC, Congratulations & appreciations to all MR MoBiC East Coast Trip participants, especially to the PETRONITA ladies cyclist, PPMSB Management, Our sponsor manager Tuan Hj Saifuddin and the organizing committee of HSES PPMSB, PETRONITA, VCMSB & MTBE/PDH, for their commitment in organizing our first PP(M)SB Healthy Life Style Program Breakfast Ride outside Melaka and through all OPUs especially at Kerteh and Kuantan. Special thanks also to our co sponsor in Kerteh, En Lawai Jok, Manager Engineering, VCM and his committee members of VCM Mountain Bike Club, and at Kuantan En Marzuki Daud, General Manager, MTBE and his committee members of MTBE Mountain Bike Club. MR MoBiC ride sweepers, PETRONITA cyclist escorts and, Kerteh and Kuantan Local community, you all have done a very good job!! It proved that with a good coordination, communications and team work, we can do it, together as ONE!
Our mission is to create and promote “Healthy Lifestyle Program through Group Cycling” to all the East Coast Petronas OPUs, and to share and create a good networking among our surrounding community. We do wish that the Kerteh & Kuantan cycling groups will also have the same & promote cycling to the community. We hope this program will be our yearly program to enhance our program among the PETRONAS staff.
Definitely, we have enjoyed 42km ride to air Terjun Menderu which was arranged for us by VCMSB & Kerteh groups lead by Mr Lawai Jok and we are proud and happy to see that through this program, now many cyclists in PETRONAS community can get to know each other better. I believed that in Kerteh there are many cycling groups and only on that historic Saturday program, most of the cycling groups in Kerteh can get together and have a good ride, congratulation to all.
In the afternoon, we depart to MTBE/PDH and were welcomed by the MTBE/PDH groups, thanks En Marzuki & MCC team for the hospitality and arrangement for us at Kuantan. We were served with a BBQ dinner on that night and a very interesting trail on Sunday that covers around 10km on road and 28km off road trail around Jabor Estate. Finally, MR MoBiC and the organizing committee would like to congratulate to all of you, for the successful of this program.

We are planning to organize the 1st Edition of PETRONAS Mountain Bike Jamboree event here in Melaka, most likely in July 2009. Further details will be forwarded to all mountain bikers soon. Hope to see you all in the 1st Edition of PETRONAS Mountain Bike Jamboree.


The Story

PP(M)SB Healthy Life Style Program East Coast Breakfast Ride was participated by 28 riders including 6 ladiess. We departed from PETRONAS Penapisan (Melaka) Sdn Bhd on 14 Feb 2009 about 0040 hrs and arrived at KIPC, Kerteh at 0800 hrs. After we had our breakfast, we were briefed on KIPC by En Nizam Semaon, Process Engineering Executive at KIPC Tower. The group of 72 riders which inculded from VCM, EPEMSB, PPTSB, PP(M)SB and few other OPUs started our journey by visiting few OPUs in Kerteh. Our first stop was CEFS. En Sabri, Fire Executive gave a small brief on CEFS and Encik Wahid A. Majid, our Mr. Mobic President briefed about our mission and target of the cycling tour program. Then we continued visiting EPEMSB, PPTSB, Gas Complex A and lastly OpTIMAL. After finished visiting to the above OPUs, we started our actual PP(M)SB Healthy Life Style Program East Coast Breakfast Ride in Kerteh which was started at 1000 hrs from OPTIMAL through hills and terrances of Oil Palm and Rubber plantation. After a rough, hot and dust of 45 km ride, we arrived at Air Terjun Menderu at 1330 hrs where lunch pack and a cold drink been waiting for our arrival. Thru the look of every tiring riders we can also see the enjoying and satisfaction faces. Throughout the ride we have been escorted by 2 pickup. After few words of appreciation from both Kerteh and Melaka representative we started to depart to MTBE, Kuantan at 1500 hrs. Once arrived at MTBE at 1700 hrs, we were welcomed by En Marzuki Daud. On his welcoming speech he depressed on the safety to all riders and their cooperation among all parties. After that, Encik En Aidil, MTBE executive briefed us on our program organized by MTBE followed by a small refreshment. On our way to Duta Village Resort, we stop at BASF to promote our Healthy Life Style Program to BASF. We arrived at Duta Village Resort at 1830 hrs. At 2030 hrs, we had a BBQ dinner with few of MTBE cyclist committee members at Balok Beach. During a speech by our advisor En Saifuddin Sowkattali, he congratulated all committee members from MTBE and PP(M)SB on the commitment and shown of leadership by everybody who involved throughout the activities. En Saifuddin also remind to all riders on safety should be taken as the first consideration during the activities. He also invited all the MTBE cyclist to visit PP(M)SB. The BBQ dinner ended at 2230 hrs with group photo session. PP(M)SB Healthy Life Style Program East Coast Breakfast Ride in Kuantan on 15 February 2009 started from Duta Village Resort at 0800 hrs. After 8 km ride through the main road to first check point, the ride once again continued through a rough and dust hills and terrance of Oil Palm and Rubber plantation at Jabor. Once again all our lady riders managed to complete the 38 km ride with a big clap from all riders. The ride ended at 1130 hrs at Damansara Restaurant where pack lunch was waiting for all the riders. As at Kerteh, the activities ended at 1230 hrs both representatives gave their short closing speech. After refreshed at Duta Village Resort, we departed to PP(M)SB about 1430 hrs. On our way back we stop at Gambang to buy t some "Keropok Lekor". We arrived PP(M)SB at 2100 hrs.

Pre Departure At PP(M)SB Admin lobby

Touch Down At VCMSB


Until Then
See you again

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

MR MoBiC Trip To East Coast Preparations

Checking the Bikes for PETRONITA

Need Servicing & some adjustment
Car wash..opps bicycle wash
$3 only
chief mechanic in action

Friday, 13 February 2009

Weekend Ride Kelemak Dalam

Group Photo

not yet a kilometer climb Shahrul Santa Cruz chain snap..twice lak tuuu..

Sulong the Ride Leader

Lucky for me dhuha also snap pictures to..hehehehe...
wait till you see me in action..aduh pecah peha..


Car Park $2.00

Riduan "power"
what is the secret..tongkat ali ka?