Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Xploride by MR MoBiC
In conjunction with the Melaka Chief Minister Cup Road Race,
MR MoBiC organized an event called
The ride is actually for participants to know better about Melaka. Riders will go to Perigi Hang Li Po, Taman Rempah, The Living Museum in Kampong Morten, Hang Tuah Mall, Jonker Walk, Stadhuys Building & A Famosa
MR MoBiC Booth

Briefing by Zul

working committee,
thanks Zul, Wadi & Hisham a.k.a SUPARMAN

Perigi Puteri Hang Li Po

Melaka River, headed to Kampong Morten.

Taman Rempah

Second set of Questions (Bonus marks laa)

at leaset now u know that there are 2 fake canons at A Famosa

the winners


Nite Ride Pantai Puteri

Nite ride at pantai Puteri.
Total of 46 cyclist join this ride.

Otai2 from Petronas Penapisan Melaka Cycling Club (MR MoBiC)

Toby & Ajis

Red/white helmet - I think his the oldest in this group of cyclist, steady lah Haji

Ride briefing by Capitan MR MoBiC.
Pls follow Achai don't let him break away. For those who are planning to go back early..u are goin to miss something..jeng..jeng...jenggg...

Apo ko bondo mamat ni cakap nihh.??

Mana datang A Samad Said niii...?

Malau a.k.a iron horse

Mount Kinabalu leader Kamal.. nak ikut..nak ikut 31st August, 50 years MERDEKA...MERDEKA..MERDEKA...!!!

Swamp thing, he..he..hee..

Haiya...BOB..sulah losak loo..kasi tuka satu set wooo..

makan2.. Ikan Bakar in front of Merak Resort..

What is the price for a cannondale lefty at Sin Bee Hin??
wokay2..what can u see at kilometer 12..??