Sunday, 29 July 2007

Nite Ride Melaka Town

Nite ride Melaka Town.

The ride was light & easy ride, even a beginner can follow & enjoy the ride.
Route mainly on road through main & kampong road with small portion off road.

Ride start @ 0930pm MR MoBiC group joins Melaka cycling group at HSBC(total 32 cyclist show up) than proceed cycling through Taman Rempah(Melaka river),

take shelter at the old Cathay due to heavy rain.

When the rain stops we cycle again head towards Banda Hilir Dataran Pahlawan through Kampong Jawa

than to Bukit Senjuang, Ujong Pasir turn into the Kg. Portugese ride by the sea side until we reach the Umbai Ikan Bakar place.

Ride continue through Padang Temu & turn into the new road going to Semabok, than we ride through kampong road nearby the Semabok Kari Kepala Ikan & the kampong road ends at Bukit Piatu.

Stop at the Caltex Service Station at Bukit Serindit to wash our bikes before headed again to Taman Rempah and the ride ends at Hang Tuah Mall....

fuuuyooo best.....

Makan2 at Zubaidah...