Tuesday, 29 January 2008

4th M2BH Duathlon - Durian Tunggal Reservoir

4th M2BH Duathlon

Venue - Durian Tunggal Reservoir.

20th January 2008.

Eventhough I was'nt there but I think this event should'nt be left out of MRMoBiC calendar. MRMoBiC had played a big role in order to make this event success, especialy Warhead (his computer corrupted) Hisham and Aziz. We also had participate, but i cannot remember all of them just to name a few, Hidir, Zamri, Riduan, Mat Yuh, Yusaini, Malau, Jimmy, Pejal and so on... not to forget our security man - Jepun and the gang... (really sad to miss this event.. due to my future development, hehehe...).

Anyway the event was going very smooth and remarkable one, Dato' Ali was come to flag off (.. election is round the corner). Participants more than last year and it shows that MTB community are growing here in Melaka.

I didn't go but here are some pics copied out from the net... (thanks to powerstick mtb grup KL and lorenzo way2ride)

The Champ

marshall Hidir signing out

and the unlucky guest

Monday, 14 January 2008

JM08 Side Event

BMX National GP

In conjunction with Jelajah Malaysia 08, this BMX National GP was crowd attract event. BMX'ers from all over country had gathered with high spirit and friendship. Categories are flatland and stunt. Congrats to organizers.


Very dangerous attempt , risking his life ,

AKAL ( Aksi dan Kreatif Basikal )
Acara yang mendapat sambutan hangat dari penonton ini terdiri dari acara Raja wheelie, Raja Weekang dan Basikal Cantik. Grup Chikos Vatos Choppers telah datang dari Wangsa Maju mencuri tumpuan pada hari itu.

Jelajah Malaysia 2008

MR MoBiC had been involved as exihibitors and Exploride coordinator but sadly had to cancelled because only few riders turn up. But the main event and other side event was great.
This year race seen improvement from our national cyclist like Anuar Manan, winner of 3 stages and Best sprinter, Suhardi and other had shown their best hopefully can sustain the energy in LTdL next month. BMX National GP also held here and great shot had been captured by Norman. Enjoy the shots.

Thank to Mr. Zulkarnain Pedal Explorer for inviting us. Hopefully can join for LTdL also.
The Best Team
Tabriz Petrochemical Team
The Best Natiaonal Team

Best Sprinter

Best Malaysian Riders
King of Mountains