Friday, 14 November 2008

Melaka Heritage MtB Jamboree 2008

In conjunction with the National Environmental Week, the Environmental Cycling Club Malacca organized a MtB Jamboree on the 26th October 2008. Over 700 participants turn out for the 1st ever Melaka Heritage MtB Jamboree The Sahara Ride. MR MoBiC also participate in this historic event. Cyclist from other Petronas OPU/HCU also join MR MoBiC in this event - Team MCC from MTBE, Rosli from HSE PPTSB, Azmi from PGB Segamat, Fauzi from PGB Pasir Gudang, Badrul from CSD Pasir Gudang, Fadzli from CSD KLCC, Akmal from PETH KLCC & many more....

Earlier on the 25th October 2008 the ECC Malacca organized a Cycle Hunt event in the Historical World Heritage City of Melaka. It turns out MR MoBiC "etro" is the champion in the Cycle Hunt Event. Congratulations.

start at Cowboy Town

Fauzi (Apau)

Zamri (MoBiC otai with Effendy/Arab - Ex Melaka Rider)

Amin (wak din)


Azmi Raif (miep)


Hidir(Otai MR MoBiC) just b4 CP 6

CP 6 atas lagi

Osai(x pakai baju) & Wak din

Roslee (malau) - MR MoBiC group ride sweeper, TQ malau


MR MoBiC "etro"
Melaka Heritage Cycle Hunt 2008

some of our (PETRONAS RECREATIONAL CYCLING TEAM) lucky draw winners
Zamri Otai receiving the Lucky draw from Cpt Firdaus Gemas Camp

Apau winning the spinner fork from En Omar HSE PP(M)SB

En Wahid Hashim KSRP(M) handing over the lucky draw prize
Army from Gemas camp winning the Grand Prize Lucky Draw from Ah Keong ECC Presiden
MR MoBiC would like to TQ to all participants from other Petronas OPU/HPU
& appreciate them for promoting mountain biking in PETRONAS community

trail recce pictures by warhead
this is my teman setia
ada cape2 nak bagi gambor boley email kat aku...